The Importance of Doctors and Your Personal Injury Case

When you go through a traumatic experience like a car accident, you may forget to take care of yourself. No matter how severe or minor the accident is, you should always make sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Without the proper medical assessment from a health professional, there could be hidden health concerns that you may not even know about. Below are a few things to remember when visiting a doctor.

  • Be Completely Honest About Your Past Medical History- Health care providers will often ask you if you have had any previous injuries or illnesses before your accident. It is very important to be honest because it will allow the doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis of treatment for you. Not being fully honest can hurt your legal case as well. If you provide false or incomplete information, the medical opinions could be rejected by the insurance company and the jury. 
  • Missing Medical Appointments- When you miss a medical appointment, it shows up as “No Show” on your medical records. You may have had a legitimate reason for missing your appointment, but that excuse will not make it onto your record. Skipping appointments could make it look like you were not committed to getting treatment or that you were feeling fine. 
  • Stopping Treatment Too Soon- Insurance companies believe that once a person stops treating, they must be all better. Do not stop treatment until you are completely healed or until your doctor tells you you’re done. 

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