Nguyen and Associates helped me a lot with my injury case. We had good communications regarding the case. They took care of my problems regarding the accidents. I felt comfortable and safe dealing with them. They are one of the best in town. And I would recommend them to everybody for a job well done. Thank you for your help.


Need a injury lawyer and a friend told me about Nuguyen @ Associate very pleased on how they handled the case they're the best would recommend to my friends or anybody who needs a lawery thanks Karen for everything you have done for me your the best


 His work team is very friendly and very good at what he does are dedicated and very professional.

The customer service is perfect very friendly.


"Thank you Mr. Nguyen for your persistence in helping me with my case. I was rear ended at a stop sign and the other car ran off. I was able to take some pictures of that car. The first attorney I hired tried and gave up as the other car said she did not do it. My first attorney FIRED me and my doctors also STOPPED treating me…I came to Mr. Nguyen’s office with 4 months of gap in treatment and helpless. He was very confident and spent over 2 hours with me explaining everything to me without promising anything. I’ve never spent that much time with an attorney. Since my case was a loser I didn’t have any hope left. Mr. Nguyen sent me back for the treatment I needed and I was so thankful for that as my neck was still in a lot of pain.Mr. Nguyen was able to make the other car pay for my repair and medical expenses. He was able get the entire policy limits on the other car and my own full-coverage policy from my own insurance plus the medical payment. I’m very happy. Thank you Mr. Nguyen again for all your help. I will refer all of the people I know to you because I know you’ll fight hard for your clients."

 "Mr. Nguyen saved me and my family. I was involved in an accident and lost my house shortly after. I was in financial distress and was worried so much. I consulted with 2 attorneys before hiring Mr. Nguyen because I did not feel rush with him. The other 2 attorneys spent less than 5 minutes with me and their assistants took over. For over 4 months, either Mr. Nguyen or his office contacted me almost every week and informed me about my case. We settled for a very good amount and having the cash really helped me get out of the financial problem. I moved my family into a rental for my daughter to continue school. I don’t have to move back to California anymore. Thank you Mr. Nguyen." 


"I was given a hard time by the insurance company because I was involved in 2 other car accidents. They said that my current condition was caused by my prior accidents. They attempted to delay my case and refused to pay. They also denied liability because there’s no police report and the other driver lied saying that it wasn’t her fault. Every time the insurance company attempted to delay, Mr. Nguyen immediately responded and gave them what they need to resolve my case. He was able to prove that my injuries from the 2 prior accidents have nothing to do with my current case. I remember receiving a phone call from him at 10 o’clock on a Friday night after Thanksgiving informing me that he just sent everything to the insurance company and he got the entire situation under control. Mr. Nguyen was also able to make them accept liability and settle for the whole insurance policy. Thanks Mr. Nguyen for all your hard work and promptness in returning my phone calls. I will definite send everyone I know to him if they ever get into a car accident."


"Get into accident is bad enough. Now you have to deal with insurance company. Well don’t worry. Last year I got a car accident. Luckily got to know Attorney Mike Nguyen. He was represented my wife case in the past. He handed it very well. From the beginning to the end. Any question or concerning you talk directly to Mike. I highly recommended Attorney Mike Nguyen for any legal matter. He also speaking Vietnamese very well too.Thanks again Mike!!!!!!Tai nan Xe la su khong Mai xay ra .qui vi hai an tam vi co Luat Su MIKE NGUYEN se Lo lan tu dau toi cuoi cho qui vi." 


"Thank you Mike Nguyen for your hard work and dedication to excellence. And the whole entire team that work so hard to solve my case Nguyen and Associates. Yes and thank you Christine I highly recommend Nguyen & Associates, Mike is a very genuine man and he will stick with you until the case is solve. Five Star Customer Service words can’t thank you enough ! God Bless."


 "I was involved in a car accident in the latter part of last year. Upon a referral from a friend, I went to see Mr. Nguyen. He’s very knowledgeable about the entire process and very caring. He even gave me his cell phone and called me many times to discuss my case with me. It is untrue how some people say attorneys are out of reach. I don’t know much about the personal injury process and Mr. Nguyen actually took the time to educate me. His office answers my phone calls and resolves my issues on the spot or called me back immediately. Also, I was surprised at the very high amount of settlement Mr. Nguyen was able to get for me given the facts of my case. Not only that, he didn’t forget to get my med pay and underinsured motorist claim money. Thank you Mr. Nguyen for fighting for me." 


"I was involved in an automobile accident where I was rear-ended twice by a drunk driver. I was injured in both my neck and back areas. My experience in working with Mr. Nguyen’s office has been extremely pleasant. He and his office staff have assisted me along the way. Mr. Nguyen is very prompt with his communication and I got to talk to him every time I called the office.Getting into a car accident isn’t a good experience but Mr. Nguyen and his staff made the process less painful for me. Thank you for fighting so hard for me."


"I was coming home from work when the other driver pulled right in front of me forcing my car to slam into the driver side of his car. The damage to my car was so bad that my insurance company said it’s a total loss. I just bought my car about 3 days before the accident. I was badly injured and taken to a nearby hospital. I went to Mr. Nguyen’s office about 4 days after the accident to discuss my rights. Mr. Nguyen is very patience in explaining everything I need to know about my case with me. The recovery process was not pleasant but with Mr. Nguyen’s help, he made everything much more manageable. Every time I had questions, I called his office and was able to talk to him immediately. My doctors that he referred me to are also nice and cooperative. They took very good care of me. Most importantly, I received a great compensation on my case that I don’t think I could have gotten it on my own. I will definitely refer everybody that I know to Mr. Nguyen should they need an attorney. Thank you Mr. Nguyen for your hard work."


"I have been working with the Mike Nguyen Law Firm for a few years now and they have been nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and just awesome. He took good care of my Family and my Friends. His Staff follows up with me on a regular basis. I highly recommend this firm."


"Mike is good a lawyer. He represented me an automobile accident case. Mike is very prompt at answering my questions. He explained to me how to process work and was always there for me. He even answered questions that are not related to my automobile accident case."


"Mike really was a nice, and kind injury attorney. He kept me informed all along. The case was resolved to a great settlement. I am very happy with Mike Nguyen, and I highly recommend him for your legal needs."


"Mike really was a nice, and kind injury attorney. He kept me informed all along. The case was resolved to a great settlement. I am very happy with Mike Nguyen, and I highly recommend him for your legal needs."


"Attorney Nguyen helped me with my personal injury case for about a year now. He’s a very dedicated attorney and always prompt when it comes to communication with me regarding my case. We settled for a very good amount and I am very happy about it.I will definite refer clients to Mr. Nguyen in the future. We still have good attorneys in this community."


"Mr. Nguyen helped me with my personal injury case. He fought very hard for me. He answered every of my phone calls personally and even attended my doctor’s appointments with me as I was scared and confused about the steroid injection procedures. He explained everything to me even better than my own doctors.The person who hit he denied it was her fault. Her attorney fought it. They even hired several doctors to say that my injuries weren’t real. They hired some mechanical person to say it was a minor accident and I was exaggerating it. But Mr. Nguyen was always on top of everything and successfully helped me. I couldn’t believe the big award he was able to get for me. Thank you very much.


"To Whom It May Concern:It is my pleasure to recommend Mike Nguyen. Mr. Nguyen represented me in my case as my divorce attorney.Mr. Nguyen has demonstrated a deep understanding of his field. Mr. Nguyen takes initiative to go beyond the expectations of his job. With outstanding time management skills, he made sure to always deliver his work results in a timely fashion. When managing my case, Mr. Nguyen applied a very structured approach. Mr. Nguyen maintains professional behavior even under high pressure and in the most stressful situations. Mr. Nguyen is a well-versed professional with a lot of experience. His many years in this field clearly enable him to make good decisions. Mr. Nguyen has the invaluable ability to think outside the box – he often comes up with fresh ideas. Mr. Nguyen approaches problems from different angles and often comes up with creative solutions. As an experienced practitioner, Mr. Nguyen managed not only the usual day-to-day tasks, but also handled exceptional situations with great ease and professionalism. Mr. Nguyen possesses remarkable business acumen and a good feeling for what is necessary to achieve the best results under time constraints. Mr. Nguyen always structured his work in a smart and well-thought-out manner, meeting the highest quality standards. One of Mr. Nguyen’s most outstanding qualities is his incredible ability to break even the most complex problems down to the core issues, and then finding smart, simple and elegant solutions. Mr. Nguyen handles delicate customer relationships with utmost care and empathy and always ensures that clients are satisfied. Mr. Nguyen would be an asset to any client / prospective client and I recommend him to be be the legal representative in one’s case."


"I am fully satisfied with the service of Attorney Mike Nguyen and he is highly recommended! He fought for me and I got what I want. He is Trustworthy, Responsive, Kept me Inform, Intelligent, Knowledgeable and overall avery understanding."