If you were recently involved in an auto accident, you are not alone. Traffic collisions are an unfortunate part of life here in Southern Nevada. Our city is spread out and most of us spend a lot of time driving. We go to and from work, take the kids to school, run errands, and go to the movies. Whether we are driving from North Las Vegas to Henderson, or heading to Boulder City for a Saturday, we are spending time on the road.

Nothing ruins your day like being involved in a traffic collision. Wherever you were headed, you are going to be late now. You’ve suffered physical injuries and your car has been damaged, all because another driver was careless and hit you. You need to figure out how to get medical treatment, have your vehicle repaired, and deal with the insurance company.

As a result of another person, you have suffered personal injury and damage to your property. You have a legal right to fair compensation. A lawyer will be able to explain your rights under Nevada law and deal with the insurance company. Having an attorney on your side will make sure your medical care is covered and the damage to your car is repaired.

NO SUCH THING AS A MINOR ACCIDENT People sometimes feel that they only need to hire a personal injury attorney when the accident is “major.” If it is only a “minor” fender bender, they reason, then there is no need to bother with a lawyer. The problem with this line of thinking is that there is no such thing as a “minor” accident. Without a complete examination by a doctor, you have no way of knowing what injuries you may have sustained from the crash.  

DON’T IGNORE PAIN You might feel fine immediately after the accident and mistakenly believe that you have no injuries. When you start to feel pain a day or two later, you might ignore it and think you just need rest. Serious injuries to the back or spine may not cause pain right away, but can result in long term suffering and even disability. If you have been involved in a vehicle crash, don’t wait to get medical treatment. See a doctor as soon as possible to start treatment.

TALK TO AN AUTO ACCIDENT ATTORNEY At Nguyen & Associates, our business is helping people put their lives back together after an injury. Have questions about your car accident? We are here to get you on the road to recovery. Let one of our attorneys explain your legal rights. Don’t pay for someone else’s mistake. Receive full compensation for your pain and suffering. Call us today at (702) 999-8888. 

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